• 11 Lessons

    Alternative Resources: Grant Funding

    Vision is a clear mental picture of what could be, fueled by the conviction that it should be.  However, we are often faced with more VISION than we have RESOURCES?  How do we actually fund the mission that God has put in our hearts?  In this course, you’ll learn practical information on creative ways to fund the vision.

  • 4 Lessons

    From Guests to Givers

    The local church has been strategically positioned to make a difference in a local community. Unfortunately, many communities do not know that our churches exist. In this course, we will discuss the importance of reaching beyond our four walls so hopefully people will attend our services. Then, we can take action steps to move them from guests to givers.

  • 3 Lessons

    Multi-Campus Ministry

    If you are currently or preparing to lead a campus in your church, you may have many questions. In this course we discuss 3 basic principles to help you and your campus kickoff on the right foot and keep moving in the right direction.
  • 7 Lessons

    Next Level Christmas

    Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to engage our communities and create unique experiences to lead others to Jesus.  The Acts 2 Network wants to help resource and prepare pastors and churches to reach their communities even greater this Christmas! Enjoy these video interviews with professionals in each area that will encourage ideas, thoughts, and leadership wisdom as you prepare for Christmas! We would like to thank the Acts2Network for providing these resources.  For more information, visit

  • 9 Lessons

    The Uniqueness & Danger of Ministry

    The uniqueness and danger of ministry can often produce desert-like feelings, where we seek an oasis as a respite from the stress of our calling. Dramatic emotional swings are intrinsic to ministry duties such as baby dedications and funerals on the same day, first responder realities with vicarious secondary stress, and a margin less 24/7 demand, all cry for an oasis. Join Dr. Hall as he exposes the ministry’s uniqueness and danger while offering strategies to embrace that same uniqueness while mitigating the danger positively.