• 10 Lessons

    Stress Management:101

    In order to survive in today’s chaotic and crazy world, we need to properly manage stress levels, especially when it comes to “helping professions.” In this course, we will learn what is causing our stress and how to manage it in a healthy way.

  • 1 Lesson

    The Nature of Young Adult Ministry

    Young adulthood may best be described using Charles Dickens quote, “The best of times and the worst of times!”  Young adults are in the critical decade of their lives where they are learning to navigate relationships, financial decisions, making their faith their own and entering the scary world of adulthood.  How can the church come alongside these young adults to help them walk out their faith in a practical way?
  • 9 Lessons

    The Uniqueness & Danger of Ministry

    The uniqueness and danger of ministry can often produce desert-like feelings, where we seek an oasis as a respite from the stress of our calling. Dramatic emotional swings are intrinsic to ministry duties such as baby dedications and funerals on the same day, first responder realities with vicarious secondary stress, and a margin less 24/7 demand, all cry for an oasis. Join Dr. Hall as he exposes the ministry’s uniqueness and danger while offering strategies to embrace that same uniqueness while mitigating the danger positively.
  • 6 Lessons

    Volunteers & Building Teams

    Building a dream team of volunteers is certainly a goal for every church family, but often we don't know how to get started and even more often, how to keep those teams growing. Your volunteers are not just filling a spot on the schedule - they are fulfilling their purpose! So, intentional recruitment and retention are key to a thriving dream team. In this course we will discuss how to do both in creative ways whether you're a church of 30 or 300+.
  • 2 Lessons

    Where is God in the Midst of Tragedy?

    Over the past few years, so many leaders have been touched by pain, loss and grief.  How are we to lead others through seasons of tragedy when we are dealing with the failout of our own pain and grief?  How are leaders to respond when they may be facing their own crisis of faith?  In this course, we will discover practical ways to walk with others through pain while we are walking through our own.
  • 5 Lessons

    Why Small Groups?

    Life change happens in the context of meaningful relationships.  Small groups are a great tool of discipleship that will create an environment where your church family can grow in their knowledge and depth of insight, as well as create life-changing relationships.   In this course, you’ll discover why small groups are so important and how to launch a dynamic small group ministry in your local church.