• 5 Lessons

    20 Things a Minister Needs to Know

    We have all had moments in ministry when we’ve said, “WOW! I wish I had known *that* when I was getting started!” Well, there’s no teacher like personal experience. Bishop Dennis Page shares a wealth of knowledge from his own experiences and years of partnering with local church pastors in this course titled “20 Things a Minister Needs to Know.”
  • 5 Lessons

    Being Stretched

    Many of us are aware of the physical benefits of exercising and stretching for our health. We also need to realize that stretching ourselves spiritually and in our leadership capacity will help us to broaden our reach in those areas. In this course, we will explore three essential components to being stretched in any area of our lives.
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    Closing the Gap

    Are you experiencing the frustration that many leaders experience when our current reality doesn’t match up with the dream that is in our hearts?  In this course you’ll learn how to move from a current reality of today to a defined goal for tomorrow?

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    Evaluation: Assessing You, Your Team & Your Events

    In leadership, it’s often difficult to know when we are winning or hitting our goals.  How do you measure the effectiveness of your own leadership, team or ministry?  In this course, we will learn healthy tools, processes and systems that are necessary in creating a culture of success. 

  • 4 Lessons

    From Guests to Givers

    The local church has been strategically positioned to make a difference in a local community. Unfortunately, many communities do not know that our churches exist. In this course, we will discuss the importance of reaching beyond our four walls so hopefully people will attend our services. Then, we can take action steps to move them from guests to givers.

  • 2 Lessons

    Growing Beyond

    Want to reach the people of your city? Want to make a lasting impact in your culture? You won’t if you remain an average church in North America. But, if you want to rise above average, this course is for you. We talk through why many churches never break the 200 barrier and what exactly must happen for your church to not only grow but make a lasting impact for generations to come.

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    How to Successfully Lead a Worship Team

    Being a dynamic worship leader goes way beyond talent. In this course we will discover the aspects that are often missed in leading an effective and “God honoring” team.

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    Keys to Effective Leadership

    What You Will Learn Quality Leadership The Key of Reality 6 Rules for Successful Leadership Casting a Realistic Eye The Key of Responsibility
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    Laughing & Lasting in Ministry

    A life of ministry is never boring, and is packed full of purpose; but even the most passionate leader has contemplated quitting-or at least redefining our leadership roles. In this course, you’re invited to dig a little deeper into what it really takes to last through the demands of ministry life, and to stay true to the unique purpose that God designed within you. You are more than your title or your tasks, and your ability to endure is less a conversation about character and more a conversation about coping with the experiences and emotions that you face. This course on laughing and lasting in ministry will create interactive space for you to: Evaluate Theological Concepts for Personal Sustainability, Understand the Components of Clergy Well-being and Consider the Benefits of Well-being for our own contexts. Much of the content of this course is provided through The Flourishing In Ministry Project, Mendoza School of Business at Notre Dame. Find the full report of their work at: We would like to thank the Collective Resource Renewal for providing these resources. For more information, visit
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    LeaderLabs 1.0

    Ten Essential Skills PROGRAM DISTINCTIVES FOCUS ON CONTEXT SPECIFIC CORE COMPETENCIES Context is a critical component of successful leadership. A brilliant leader in one situation…
  • 3 Lessons

    Multi-Campus Ministry

    If you are currently or preparing to lead a campus in your church, you may have many questions. In this course we discuss 3 basic principles to help you and your campus kickoff on the right foot and keep moving in the right direction.
  • 7 Lessons

    Next Level Christmas

    Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to engage our communities and create unique experiences to lead others to Jesus.  The Acts 2 Network wants to help resource and prepare pastors and churches to reach their communities even greater this Christmas! Enjoy these video interviews with professionals in each area that will encourage ideas, thoughts, and leadership wisdom as you prepare for Christmas! We would like to thank the Acts2Network for providing these resources.  For more information, visit

  • 9 Lessons

    The Uniqueness & Danger of Ministry

    The uniqueness and danger of ministry can often produce desert-like feelings, where we seek an oasis as a respite from the stress of our calling. Dramatic emotional swings are intrinsic to ministry duties such as baby dedications and funerals on the same day, first responder realities with vicarious secondary stress, and a margin less 24/7 demand, all cry for an oasis. Join Dr. Hall as he exposes the ministry’s uniqueness and danger while offering strategies to embrace that same uniqueness while mitigating the danger positively.
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    Why Small Groups?

    Life change happens in the context of meaningful relationships.  Small groups are a great tool of discipleship that will create an environment where your church family can grow in their knowledge and depth of insight, as well as create life-changing relationships.   In this course, you’ll discover why small groups are so important and how to launch a dynamic small group ministry in your local church.